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 I'm here to answer any questions you have 🖤

I am the 2nd youngest of 6 kids, I think it's made photographing families even more special to me.

I have 2 dogs. Winston is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet..Sky is more like an angry prairie dog!

I literally always crave fries and Vietnamese food - Odd mix, I know.

I’m obsessed with being outdoors, it’s food for my soul.

I’m a huge nerd. Like,I actually had LOTR music playing at my wedding. Also, I may or may not still cry at the end of Return of the King ;)

I’m originally a Wisconsinite.

I literally see everywhere I travel as a place to shoot. 

Random facts

Getting to know someone is sooo important. if you have any questions at all, or just want to meet first I'm happy to do a phone call or zoom meeting together! Also, I feel like the pictures a person takes on their phone says a LOT about them. So without further Ado... 

Get to know me! 

Miss Aminof - Google review

Catherine did my maternity shoot and another session outdoor with my husband. I was very hesitant to book a maternity session because I don’t know how to pose for the camera, but Catherine made me feel so comfortable. She made it fun and easy, and wow- the photos are amazing.

She is a true professional, and has all the skills needed to get the best out of you. We left the session with her thinking “wow, that was so much fun, who knew?” 

Miss  Uribe-Leteinturier - Google review

Catherine is an absolute gem and was such a pleasure to work with! She made me feel super comfortable the entire shoot and the pictures she sent me were absolutely STUNNING! Go book her immediately! 

Mr Barn - Google review

 I hired Catherine for a surprise photoshoot with my girlfriend and I was so impressed by her professionalism, how comfortable she made my partner, and the end product of all the photos came out beautiful. 10 out of 10 I would recommend Catherine.

Miss williams - Google review

Catherine did both a boudoir and an engagement session for me and she is so amazing! You will feel so comfortable and welcome with her. She does all of the posing so if you don’t know how to thats totally fine, she hypes you up and the finished result after editing is outstanding. Can not recommend her enough!!